My Mum is an Iranian


About the Book

This book is about a boy recounting his everyday life with his Mum who is from Iran. He describes his Iranian culture reminding us that no matter where we come from, the relationship of a mother and child is unique. In this book your child get familiar with Iranian culture , from foods to Norouz and other Iranian celebrations. This is a "must have book" for the library of your children.

Price: £7.99

Persian Nursery Rhymes Book + CD

About the book

This book and CD includes 29 Persian Rhymes. The rhymes are translated freely to English and also written in Eurofarsi. The Rhymes are sung by Hengameh Yashar in late 1960s in Iran and this book and CD with colorful arrangement of illustrations tries to keep the memories of that era alive. It is a lovely entertainment book to encourage your child to stay connected with Farsi.

Price £9.99

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We are working to expand the English/Persian educational resources for second generations of Iranian living out of Iran. If you have any idea, project or stories to tell to help us achive this goal we would like to hear from you. So contact us for a friendly discussion to take yout idea to the next level!